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All subscriptions benefit from unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, your own creative team, 24/5 account assistance, we build your own custom slides, multiple formats (PDF, JPG, PPT, etc) and access to source files. We also offer a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.

Pay As You Go

Slides & Multi-Pagers
Up to 5 slides designed for you
All 5 slides delivered on the first 24 hrs


Slides & Multi-Pagers
Up to 25 slides designed for you
First 3 slides delivered on the first 6 hrs (once approved, the remaining are delivered within the next Business Day)

Why us?

Dedicated Team

We will handle all requests for you, be quick, responsive and there when you need us.

Any requests, any time

We never close! Our online request platform is available 24/7 so you can make a request anytime you'd like!

Live online portal

Login to your own online, 24/7, portal to track pending job requests or to download any delivered, fresh out of the oven, content!

We do it all

Your dedicated team will handle all files you submit and create beautiful pieces based on the info you provide. Once the piece is approved you will receive all the appropriate files specific to your project!

Millions of options

Our diverse team of creatives can do pretty much everything you need! For a complete list of things we can do for you click here.

All for a tiny price

Simple packages with everything you need. This is the most affordable, highest in quality, and most cheerful team of creatives you'll ever find!


1. Is The Futures a good fit for me?

Whether you need a book cover, a slide show presentation, pamphlets, social media posts, logo, billboard, you name it! We can probably do it. We don’t touch coding and we don’t write copy. But, boy can we put some good design together!

Dozens of entrepreneurs, established business owners, charities, agencies and even multimillion dollar companies have their content creation on autopilot by using The Futures on a daily basis . We are a good fit to basically anyone that wants their business image to look the part and can communicate their requests in a succinct manner without the need of meetings or phone calls.

2. How long is the turn-around time?

We usually send you a first draft on our first submission, if you are happy with the first draft then you can already move on to your next project. Happy days!

As a rule of thumb for more complex design tasks such as a website/app look-and-feel designs, pitch decks, E-books, and multi-page booklets we usually require more time (but we’ll know about it as soon as we receive your design request and will be quick in letting you know if more info or time is needed, again, this is only happens with larger projects).

3. Do you offer unlimited design?

For us, unlimited means unlimited design requests and unlimited revisions on your requests. You can request as many tasks as you want and at the same time you may have as many revisions as you might need in your designs! We will work on you requests in a queue format every business day and will work on your task until you are 100% happy with it. With unlimited we mean freedom!

4. Who does my designs?

We have built a robust platform that uses technology on algorithms in order to expedite the design processes for you, on the back of that we are powered by a real team of creative professionals that work with us full time in house. This allows us to produce great work for recurring brands and clients in an agile manner and at scale.

5. Am I stuck to a long-term contract?

You can cancel your plan anytime and you are able to use your account until the last day of you pre-paid plan cycle (there are no refunds or credits provided for unused time). For more info please check our ToS.

6. What kind of work can I request?

The Futures can take on almost all of your graphic design needs. Though please note we don't do 3D design or modeling, log into your cms (content management systems) such as wordpress, wix, squarespace, etc or marketing emailing tools (IE: squarespace, active campaign, etc) and help you apply layouts within them (we can, though, create the graphics for any of these platforms you tell us to produce based on sizes within these systems that you can provide exact dimensions for). We don’t touch coding and we don’t write or fix your copy (text).

7. How soon can I start making design requests?

Immediately after you sign up, you must complete on-boarding, which usually takes only a few minutes. This allows us to properly welcome you and allocate a team to your upcoming designs. After on-boarding is complete you are good to go and can begin requesting designs.

8. I need a gazillion designs a week, can you do that?

We are sure you care about quality and so do we. You can send in as many requests as you want and our team will work through them like a production line (one project at a time) and once a project is approved you we can move onto the next request on your queue.

In all instances it is key to use common sense at the time of making any requests. Longer, more complex jobs will or may take more time, however, if this is the case we will always make sure to communicate it to you.

9. What does a request include?

Includes the production of a design, variations and editable file (3 designs at a time delivered as per the pre-established specific design protocols - please check your chosen plan as this may vary).

When a request contemplates the production of two or more designs, it is then considered a request with multiple projects. Meaning that designs will be produced for each of the projects at a pace of one design at a time and delivered a day at a time until completion.

As this requires a bit of management, your account managers will very smoothly process their production and will let you know about the delivery schedule for each of these.

Still have questions?

Schedule an appointment with one of our amazing account executives.

What our customers say

Bernie Thurston Speaking

"Our relationship with design has completely changed since we started using The Futures."

Bernie Thurston, Ultumus / CEO

"The Futures is reliable, quick, and have great customer service!"

John Martinez, Shocklogic / CEO

"The Futures helps us in putting our story out there visually!"

Willemijn Laan, Rasalila / Co-Founder

"The Futures is an important part of us having an effective content strategy."

Simon Mott, HANetf / Global Head of Marketing

"The design quality is great, everybody likes it. our clients love it."

Chirag Basavaraj, Vida Technologies / Co-Founder

"The Futures has been extremely reactive and able to deliver any content need that I have."

Elie Dagher, Lead from Within / Founder

"I’ve just got to say, I really recommend The Futures to a lot of businesses, they’re amazing"

Yee Kwan, Yee Kwan Ice Cream / CEO

Simon Mott

Simon Mott

hANetf / Global Head of Marketing

"The Futures is an important part of us having an effective content strategy."

Renato Dimarzio

Empire Resort / Founder

"The Futures is reliable, quick, and have great customer service!"

John Martinez

Shocklogic / CEO

"The Futures has become the design division within our company."

Jenette Lee

Standard Drawers / Owner

"My biggest win with The Futures is how much time and money I save! True lifesavers!"

Greg Atkins

Atkins Ink / Founder

"They created some fantastic work for me. My brand looks amazing now!"

David Gutiérrez

Guasacaca LTD / Owner

"They have become an essential part of our monthly operations."

Bernie Thurston

Ultumus / CEO

"Our relationship with design has completely changed since we started using The Futures."

Willemijn Laan

Rasalila / Co-Founder

"The Futures helps us in putting our story out there visually!"

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